2023 Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting, November 12, 2023

The Brentwood Historical Society held the annual meeting of the membership on November 12, 2023. President Dexter Swasey reported on the Society’s accomplishments for 2023 and thanked the Board and members for their assistance and support throughout the year.

One important accomplishment in 2023 was the cleaning and rehanging of the Robert Naves stage backdrop curtain, funded by a Mooseplate Grant from the New Hampshire Council on the Arts. The work was performed by Curtains Without Borders and a number of Society volunteers.

The slate of nominees for the Board was voted on by the membership. Unanimously elected to the board for a one year term beginning January 1, 2024 were:

President – Dexter Swasey
Vice President – Linda Rousseau
Treasurer – David Menter
Recording Secretary – Karen Ellis
Research Correspondent – Albert Belanger
Curator – Karen Ellis
Lifetime Advisor – Alma Vahey
Richard Chamberlain
Rebecca Dunham
Laura Hajjar
Dawn Higley
Caleb Labbe
Ralph Murphy
Frank Northrup
Mark Tremallo
Robin Wrighton

The membership welcomed new board members Ralph Murphy, Caleb Labbe and Robin Wrighton. Ralph joined the board in a “pro tempore” status in February 2023 and has already completed almost a full year of service. Ralph has worked on several projects including investigating and caring for the Thyng cemetery and helping to sort and catalog a large donation of Brentwood Town Reports. Ralph became acquainted with the Brentwood Historical Society when he was working on his own project to recognize a generous donor to the Mary E. Bartlett Memorial Library, George Beyea.

Caleb and Robin joined the board in a pro tempore status in June. Caleb, who has a strong interest in history and photography, volunteered to film the September 21 presentation on the accidentally disinterred bones that are currently making their way back to Brentwood.

Robin is well acquainted with the Brentwood Historical Society, having been involved on committees and playing an integral part in the writing and publication of “Brentwood, New Hampshire Through the Years, 1742 – 2017”. That, combined with her many years of serving on the Brentwood Newsletter, makes Robin an excellent source of information and insight on the town history and its people.

Rebecca Davis was thanked for her years of service as a director and curator. Her professional insight on caring for the Society’s collection was greatly appreciated. Becky stepped down in 2024 due to work commitments.

Also at the meeting the membership voted on two changes to the bylaws, which were unanimously approved.

Following the meeting, Erin Moulton, a New Hampshire Humanities speaker, gave a presentation on genealogy with useful information on methods for research through records, resources, and artifacts.