About us

The Historical Society

The Brentwood Historical Society was formed in the 1960’s by a group of residents who realized that much of the town’s history and memorabilia were being lost because no one was actively preserving them.  The early meetings were held at the Swasey Central School and later at the Town Office Building.  Artifacts were stored at the Mary Bartlett Library.  The Society started actively collecting historical artifacts about 1968.  It has since acquired several thousand items, many of which are on display. 

The Museum Building

The building that is now the Brentwood Historical Society Museum was built in 1865 by Ephraim Flanders as a store.  Over its 148 years it has harbored the general store, which included a post office; an upstairs hall that was rented for community affairs and church services; the town library until its move to the Crawley Falls School House in 1952; the room where the Brentwood Fire Association was formed in 1942; and the home of the town’s Keeneborough Grange organization, from about 1892 to 1982.

In October 1982 the Grange deeded the building to the Town of Brentwood.  The selectmen turned the guardianship of the building over to the Historical Society, and the dreams of a museum began.  The three rooms on the first floor have been dedicated to the museum exhibits and programs.  The large hall on the second floor is still set up as if in readiness for a Grange Meeting.

Current Officers and Directors

The following officers and directors were elected at a general membership meeting on November 12, 2017:

President                              Rebecca B. Dunham

Vice President                       Linda S. Rousseau

Recording Secretary             Suzanne R. Austin

Research Correspondent      Albert E. Belanger

Treasurer                               Frank Northrup

Director                                  Richard K. Chamberlain

Director                                  Karen Ellis

Director                                  Gary Farnham

Director                                  Robert Gilbert

Director                                  Alma Vahey

Director                                  Phyllis Thompson

In February 2018, Rebecca Davis was appointed to serve as Curator.

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