Event Program History

Fourteen years of Programs at the Brentwood Historical Society Programs 2004 – 2017


April 8                          Jeff Woodburn, Historic Properties              How to Sell a Historic Property

May 12                        James M. Farrell, UNH Speakers Bur.         “Oratory of Daniel Webster”

June 10                       Ken Smith & Joyce Keegal                           The Smith Family of Brentwood

September 9               Sue Plaice, NH Historical Society                 On the Abenaki Trail

October 14                  Bill Copeley, NH Historical Society               The Concord Coach & the Abbot-Downing Co.

November 11               Frank Northrup                                             The County Farm in the 1940s and 50s


April 14                         Norman Wilson                                             Recent Documents Presented to Historical Soc.

May 12                          Sue Plaice, NH Historical Society                New Hampshire goes to War

June 9                           J. Dennis Robinson                                      Wentworth by the Sea

September 8                 Sonny Beauchesne, “Papa Moon”               Tales of the Fur Trappers’ Rendezvous

October 13                    Lawrence Lyford                                           Voices of Old Friends

November 10                Lorraine Stuart Merrill                                   Family Farming from the Woman’s Point of View


April 13                          Bruce & Betty Stevens                                  The Stevens Family, Brentwood

May 11                           Steve Taylor, NH Commr.of Agr.                   “Cows and Countryside: How the Lowly Bovine

                                                                                                             Helped Us Build Our State”

June 8                            Bill Ross, UNH Speakers Bureau                 Preservation of Books, Papers and Artifacts

September 14                Alma Vahey                                                   “Along North Road in Days Gone By”

October 12                     Sarah Smith, UNH Speakers Bur.                 “New Hampshire Sawmills & the Women’s Team

                                                                                                             after the 1938 Hurricane”

November 9                   Linda Rousseau                                             Evening Around the Radio 


May 10                          Barrett Rock, UNH Speakers Bur.                 Wood as an Archeological Tool

June 14                         Peter Randall                                                 Images of New Hampshire Past and Present

August 22                     Members’ tour                                                Tour of NH Historical Society & Lunch

October 20                    Vintage Vehicle Day                                       Vintage Vehicle Day

November 8                  Larry Stilwell, New Eng. Blacksmiths             Blacksmithing


April 10                        James House Assn. Players                           Lives Past Lived

May 8                          Kevin Gardner                                                 Discovering New England Stone Walls

June 12                       Gladys Metcalf- Ray                                       The Grange Story

September 10              Members’ tour                                                Tour of Amer. Independence Museum & Lunch

September 27              Event                                                              Antique & Heirloom Evaluation Day

October 9                     Will and Joya Clark                                        Dowsing

October 18                   Event                                                              Vintage Vehicle Day

January 8, 2009           Carl Lindblade                                                 “New Hampshire – A State of Mind”


April 9                          Paulette Rose                                               Deerhill Road- Short Country Road with a Long History

May 14                           J. Dennis Robinson                                       “The Making of Strawbery Banke”         

June 6                          Open House 10-1

June 11                        George Moore                                              Our First Federal Documents

July 4                           Open House 10-1

August 1                      Open House  10-1

September 26              Event                                                             Antique & Heirloom Evaluation Day   10-1  

October 17                   Event                                                             Vintage Vehicle Day 10-1      

November 12               Michael Harris                                               “Winter Storytelling”

December 10               Old-Fashioned Christmas Open House, 6:30-8:30 



April 8                          Linda Peavy & Ursula Smith                         “Just Like a Tumbleweed: Childhood on the Frontier”

                                                                                                          at the Library, co-sponsored with Friends of the Library.

May 15                         Museum Open House, 10-1.                        Opening of Library Corner.

May 22                         Museum Open House 10-1

June 5                          Museum Open House, 10-1

July 3                           Museum Open House 10-1

July 4                           Museum Open House 10-1

August 7                      Museum Open House 10-1

September 9                Kathleen Demeritt,                                        “Crawley Falls Road/Old Rte.125 in the Old Days”

September 24              Members’ visit to the “Albacore”                    Personally guided by Ken Herrick

October 23                  “Chores of Yore” Exhibits

November                    Arrival of the Graves Family Tall Case Clock

December 12               Christmas Open House 2-5



February 10                 Rebecca Rule with new program “Crosscut” at the Library, co-sponsored with Friend of the Library

( Furnace problems January-March)

April 14                        Peter Sawyer                                              “Old Tall Case Clocks”

May 17                        Members’ tour of the Wright Museum, Wolfeboro, New Hampshire

May 21                         Museum Open House 10-1                       Opening of Military Exhibit

June 9                         Jeff Hillier                                                   “Old Letterpress Printing”                                

June 18                       Museum Open House 10-1                        Military Exhibit

July 4                           Museum Open House 10-1                        Military Exhibit;  & exhibit on Mary Shuffleton & “Marinell.”

October 6                    Paul Bagley                                                “Echoes from the Past – Preserving History” at the Library, 

                                                                                                       co-sponsored with Friends of the Library.

October 15                  Museum Open House 10-1                        Old Fire Equipment Exhibit, in conjunction with the opening of the

                                                                                                       new Brentwood Fire Station.

November 10               Barbara Rimkunas                                     “History of Fire Fighting in the Exeter Area”

December 10               Christmas Open House 2-5



February 9                   Cliff Cray                                                “The Scouting Movement in America”

March 22                     Glenn Knoblock                                      “History of Beer Brewing in New Hampshire”

                                    Brentwood brewers for the beer-tasting:  Jack Ball, Kevin Farnham, Nathan Olson

May 10                        Carol Poitras & Mary Furber                   History of Quilting in New Hampshire Opening of Quilting Exhibit

June 2                         Museum Open House 10-1                    Quilt Exhibit

June 14                       Tour of Fort Stark & picnic at the area.

July 4                           Museum Open House 10-1                   Quilt Exhibit.  Hot dogs and baked goods

July 7                           Museum Open House 10-1                   Quilt Exhibit

August 4                      Museum Open House 10-1                   Quilt Exhibit

September 13              Steve Taylor                                          “New Hampshire’s One-Room Rural Schools.”

October 11                   Sandy Thorsell                                       “Life in Brentwood in the 1940s and ‘50s”

November 10               4-H “Yankee Teamsters” Club and Gordon Wilson “Teams and Teamsters”

December  9                Holiday Open House 2-5



April 11                        Jack Noon                                            “400 Years of Fishing in New Hampshire”

May 23                        Donna and John Moody                        Native Americans – joint program with Library

June 1                         Open House 10-1

June 13                       John Dodge, Jo Tuck, Martha Clark     “Life Along Middle Road”

July 4                           Open House 10-1

July 6                           Open House  10-1

August 1                      Open House  10-1

September 12              Jere Daniell                                           “New Hampshire Towns and the Civil War”

October 10                   Albert Belanger                                      Civil War: Battle of Gettysburg – “You Are There”

November 9                 Rebecca Davis,  Monica Reuss,            Antique & Heirloom Evaluation Day10-1

                                    Jean Yiokarinis                                               

December 14               Christmas Open House, 6:00-8:00 pm


June 7                           Open House 10-1

June 29                         Pontine Theater                                          “Isles of Shoals: Eternal Sound of the Sea”

July 4                            Open House 10-1                                        Hot dogs, watermelon and lemonade after the parade

August 2                       Open House 10-1                                        Opening of Historic Flag Exhibit

September 13               Open House 10-1                                       “Spotlight on the Grange”

October 16                    Jo Radner, Storyteller & Oral Historian      “Gathering Family Stories”

December 2                  Michael Tougias, author, “The Finest Hours: the True Story of the Coast Guard’s Most Daring Rescue.”   

                                      At the Bartlett Library, sponsored jointly with the Friends of the Library.

December 14                Christmas Open House, 2 – 4 pm



April 9                           Robert Goodby, archeologist                         “12,000 Years Ago in the Granite State”    

                                      Presented at the Bartlett Library.

June 6                           Open House, 10 am – 1 pm         

July 4                            Open House, 10 am – 1 pm                           Hot dogs, watermelon and lemonade after the Parade.

August 1                       Open House, 10 am – 1 pm

October 8                      Bill Dow, bottle collector                                  “Spotlight on Bottles"

October 10                    Yard Sale, 9 am - 1 pm                                   To benefit the Museum programs & collections

December 13                Christmas Open House 2 - 4 pm


April 14                          Matthew E. “Sandy” Thomas                        “Fascinating Highlights of Brentwood’s History"

June 4                           Open House, 10 am – 1 pm 

June 17                         Ramblin’ Richard                                           “Songs and Stories from World War II”

July 2                            Open House, 10 am - 1 pm

August 6                        Open House, 10 am - 1 pm

                                      “Old Photo Day, Take Two”, 1:30 - 4:30 pm


April 13                          Mike Welch                                                   “The Colonial Tavern Experience"

June 3                           Museum Open House, 10-1

July 1                            Museum Open House, 10-1

August 5                        Museum Open House, 10-1

September 17               Float in the 275th Anniversary Parade

November 12                Annual Membership meeting

                                      Steve Taylor, speaker                                    Poor Houses and Town Farms: A Hard Row for the Pauper"

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